“Can we make enough renewable energy to supply the world and replace fossil fuels? How would we do that? And, will we do that?” – James Redford, Director and Star, Happening

James Redford’s above questions are the foundation for Teaching Happening, an interdisciplinary, modular curriculum developed to work alongside The Redford Center’s documentary Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution. The educational version of the film runs 50 minutes and the curriculum is aligned with national standards for grades 6-12 and is available to license for purchase as a package or for the curriculum alone. Lessons will:

Build background knowledge on energy sources
Guide students to identify factors driving the renewable energy transition including technological innovation, national security, sustainability, workforce development, cost savings and environmental stewardship
Engage students in understanding the role of civil engagement and policy in the transition to renewable energy

Teaching Happening was created as a cohesive unit of lessons to support middle and high school screenings of the documentary and includes an educator’s guide for use in institutions of higher learning. Because we know time is limited in classrooms, the film and lessons were developed around three distinct “chapters”, or central topics, within the film – Chapter 1: Energy 101, Chapter 2: Innovation and Economics, and Chapter 3: Community and Political Engagement and can be used in one class period, or over the span of several days. The lessons can be easily integrated into units within:

• Earth Science
• Environmental Policy
• Economics, Civics/Government
• English/Language Arts
• Film Studies, media literacy rhetoric

Teaching Happening also includes assessment opportunities aligned to discipline specific skills and competencies in Science, Civics, Economics, English/Lan-guage Arts and Film Studies. The Happening educational curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, and Common Core State Standards as it relates to point of view for use in English classes.

The 50 minute educational version of the film is available for purchase through our distributor for classroom screening and comes with the curriculum included.  If you are interested in purchasing only the curriculum document please reach out to us.

To order your Happening Screening and/or Educational Curriculum email us today | education@redfordcenter.org

“As a teacher educator interested in climate change and energy education, I found Happening to be very refreshing. The global transition to renewable energy provides the hope that so much climate change education lacks. Happening invites viewers to find their own place in the movement and start shaping a sustainable future–starting now!”

— Simon Jorgenson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Education, University of Vermont

We brought our young children to the screening. It helped us understand this complex issue in a simple way. And, now that we better understand it, we are INSPIRED, as a family, to do more.”
Eric Harr, Author, CEO of L’audito Si’ Challenge