Radio Interview: James & Robert Redford fuel clean energy movement

Radio New Zealand

The US often gets a bad rap for its apparent addiction to fossil fuels, but behind the scenes much is happening in the renewable energy space. James Redford (Robert Redford’s son) is the director of Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution which explores the opportunities around renewable energy in America, and discovers a few fascinating success stories. It recently won “Best Environmental Film” at the 2018 New York WILD Film Festival. James and his father Robert founded the Redford Center in 2005 to use documentaries and campaigns to help tip the scales on critical environmental and social issues. Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution is screening at this year’s Architecture + Design Film Festival. The festival began on May 3rd in Auckland. Then follows through to Wellington on May 24 – June 10, Dunedin June 14 – 24, and Christchurch in June 28 – July 11.

Listen to full radio interview with James Redford here